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Track your phone location periodically and see them on the map. Address, location accuracy, visit time and duration will be shown.- Use GPRS/Wi-Fi or GPS location provider to track your phone location.- Set your own tracking frequency in minutes.- Manage several tracks (time based).- Export any of your tracks to GPX (the GPS Exchange Format)The GPX file format is based on XML formatting, allowing it to be imported by a variety of GPS applications and devices, for example, to visualize your GPX file on a map.The GPX 1.1 schema is supported (track and all track waypoints will be exported)Usage:Click on the icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.Choose Settings.Set your own “Tracking frequency” (in minutes)Choose “Use GPS” if you want to use GPS location provider (better accuracy but shorter battery life) The GPS should be enabled on your device.Otherwise the GPRS/Wi-Fi will be used (Network/Cell provider) Option System settings -> Location access -> Wi-Fi & mobile network location should be enabled on your device.NOTE: If you are not getting the GPRS/Wi-Fi location updates when the screen is off try to enable “Turn screen on” option.Set “Tracking enabled” option. Alternatively you could tap on status text at the top left corner of the screen to enable/disable tracking.Every track will be recorded with start/end date and time. So you could open recorded track by clicking on the middle bottom of the screen.----------------------The locations information is available only INSIDE this application; it will not be shared with third parties.----------------------Please let me know via e-mail if you need future assistance. Thank you!Keywords: cell tracker, cell locator, track me, track my phone, phone tracker, tracker, GPS, GPRS, Wi-Fi, network provider, export, GPX 1.1, Issue 10931: No Cell Location Updates When Display Off

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