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DeveloperSimone Sacchi
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This application reproduces on touchscreen devices the neuropsychological test called "Trail Making Test", introducing new experimental features. To do this, there are 2 modality of interaction with the screen: in the first, the sequence is selected by simply touching the circles, on display will appear straight lines that connect the selected circles, green or red depending on whether the selection has been made in the right sequence or not (to delete the red line, click on the black background). In the second, which is activated by selecting FINGER PAINT in settings menu, you can determine the sequence directly drawing the line joining the circles.Also in this mode, the line will be green or red depending on the accuracy of the sequence and will take the form of brushstroke (exactly like with pencil on paper).Moreover, introducing new experimental features to be tested clinically, you can play sounds or vibration based on your selection (vibration not avaible for Motorola Xoom), and keep track of the circles properly selected. The entire procedure consists of the sample with 8 disks followed by full trial, for both Part A (circles 1 to 25) and Part B (circles 1 to 13, with numbers and letters); at the end of the procedure, you can view the participant's name and timing of tests.Note: we have chosen not to show screenshots of the full test for not giving a preview of the layout of the circles.For more details, to request modifications or applications with other psychological tests, feel free contact the developer (who has a degree in Psychology).

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