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by On February 26, 2011
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Support External SD-This App Works Best Only with Headphone *To start sound set the arrow timer-*************************** -The best naturally relaxing sound! -Truly miraculous relaxation that will keep you feeling rejuvenated once more. -Close your eyes, put on a headphone , touch this application, put the device to sleep, and let your relaxation be at ease. -Absolute pure relaxation from authentic sounds, not artificial but real sounds. -These sounds do not loop back and forth, it's 100% real. *************************** Features: *24 hour Timer *Automatic slideshow *Beautiful Wallpaper *************************** Brain massage will massage all your daily stress and improve: •Creativity and inspiration •Expanded awareness •Mood enhancement •Absorb, retain, and recall information •Expand awareness and increase creativity •Reach the deepest levels of meditation •Obtain greater clarity and insight •Reduce stress and anxiety •Slow down mental activity •Retrain your brain to sleep better •Rest and sleep more deeply •Replenish your energy •Increase Creativity •Increase your attracting force •Gain clarity of intention •Accelerate manifestation •Generate states of joy and well-being •Accelerate and support healing •Generate nourishing states of well-being •Enhance immune function •Quiet mental chatter •Relax mind and body •Drift into high quality sleep •Experience more joy and freedom •Forgive yourself and others •Discover newfound energy •Increase Optimism and Confidence Use this app while you sleep, read, study, work, or exercise! Doctor's #1 recommendation for mental illness treatment!

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