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*** This app is a free trial limited to 10 translations ***Translating Keyboard is the only way to translate what you type to any other language, IN ANY APP.Do you need to send or receive messages in another language? Are you tired of switching back and forth between your favorite app and a translator app? With Translating Keyboard you just type, translate and send. It works inside any app because it replaces the default keyboard with a powerful, full-featured keyboard that has a built-in translator. Use Translating Keyboard to send messages in SMS, email, Skype, Facebook, ...anywhere!Translating Keyboard can even translate messages you receive in another language, to your language. If the app can cut or copy text, Translating Keyboard can translate the message.Translating Keyboard is also a powerful replacement keyboard that you will love using even when you don't need to translate. All letters, numbers and punctuation are available on the main keyboard without switching to the symbol keyboard. Accented letters for Spanish, French, German and many other languages are included. English spelling-correction and text prediction make typing fast and easy.Translating Keyboard is powered by Google Translate, the world's most powerful translation engine, capable of translating between 53 different languages.----------*Translating Keyboard is a free download but there is a small fee of $1 per 200 translations because the Google Translate API is no longer free for apps. There are no other fees to use Translating Keyboard.

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