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Transmission Code Encyclopedia & Information (APP)NOTE: This APP runs fine on Android phones and tablets with larger screens. The transmission oil-pan images render fine on all screen sizes. This is a complete transmission diagnostic solution for transmission codes, operation and information and transmission oil pan identification (ID).As you can see this is an extensive coverage list for identifying your specific transmission. The way you go about identifying your transmission is by using the transmission oil pan shape and/or trans. shape. Labels and stickers are mostly gone due to dirt, wear and tear on the trans. outside case. This APP is derived from the "Transmission Troubleshooter" PC repair software authored by Mandy Concepcion. During the development of said software package, a lot of resource material was left over and it's presented here as an APP for your convenience. There's no other more complete transmission repair solution APP anywhere. A diagnostic solution APP made exclusively for your transmission. Covers Asian and Domestic transmission. Many GM domestics are also used on European makes as well. See more details further down.HOW TO USE THE TRANSMISSION CODE ENCYCLOPEDIA & IDENTIFICATION (APP)This App is composed of three sections:\n 1) The Transmission CODES Section, which gives you transmission code definitions, both Generic and Proprietary.2) Transmission Operation and information. Detailed data on each make sppecific transmission series.3) Transmission IDentification (ID) using the shape of the Oil-Pan.This APP should make for a complete transmission repair and diagnostic system. TRANSMISSION APP OIL PAN IDENTIFICATION COVERAGE:Dodge A45RFE Pan ID,Dodge A500/A518 Pan ID,Dodge A604 Pan ID,Dodge A606 Pan ID,Dodge A618 Pan ID,Dodge F4A33/1 Pan ID,Dodge KM175 Pan ID,Dodge W4A33-1 Pan ID,Ford 4AETF Pan ID,Ford 4F27E Pan ID,Ford 4R44E Pan ID,Ford 4R55E Pan ID,Ford 5R55E/5R110W Pan ID,Ford 5R55N/S/W Pan ID,Ford AODE/4R70W Pan ID,Ford AX4N Pan ID,Ford AX4S Pan ID,Ford CD4E Pan ID,Ford E4OD/4R100 Pan ID,GM 4L30E Pan ID,GM 4L60E Pan ID,GM 4L80E Pan ID,GM 4T40E Pan ID,GM 4T60E Pan ID,GM 4T80E Pan ID,GM 5L50E Pan ID,GM 4L30E Pan ID,Honda/Acura B7TA/B7YA Pan ID,Honda/Acura BAXA Pan ID,Honda/Acura BGRA Pan ID,Honda/Acura BMXA/SLXA Pan ID,Honda/Acura BYBA/BVGA Pan ID,Honda/Acura BZKA/MZKA Pan ID,Honda/Acura M5HA/M5DA Pan ID,Honda/Acura M6HA Pan ID,Honda/Acura M7WA/MGFA Pan ID,Honda/Acura MCVA/MRVA Pan ID,Honda/Acura MDKA/BDKA Pan ID,Honda/Acura MGHA Pan ID,Honda/Acura MKYA Pan ID,Honda/Acura MP1A Pan ID,Isu/Mazda/Mitsu 4EAT Pan ID,Isu/Mazda/Mitsu 4L30E Pan ID,Isu/Mazda/Mitsu 4R44E Pan ID,Isu/Mazda/Mitsu 4R55E,PanID,Isu/Mazda/Mitsu 5R55E/5R110W Pan ID,Isu/Mazda/Mitsu CD4E Pan,ID,Isu/Mazda/Mitsu F4A/EL Pan ID,Isu/Mazda/Mitsu G4A/EL Pan ID,Isu/Mazda/Mitsu LJ4A/EL Pan ID,Isu/Mazda/Mitsu R4A/EL Pan ID,A604 Pan ID,F4A33/1 Pan ID,F4A/EL Pan ID,W4A33/1 Pan ID,Nissan/Infi RE4F03A Pan ID,Nissan/Infi RE4F04A Pan ID,Nissan/Infi RE4R01A Pan ID,Nissan/Infi RE4R03A Pan ID,Nissan/Infi RL4F03A Pan ID,Toyota/Lexus A140E/A141E/A142E Pan ID,Toyota/Lexus A240E/A241E/A242E Pan ID,Toyota/Lexus A243E/A244E/A245E Pan ID,Toyota/Lexus A340E/A341E Pan ID,Toyota/Lexus A343E Pan ID,Toyota/Lexus A540E/A541E/5L40E Pan IDThis APP is authored by Mandy Concepcion.

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