Transportation Dots Card (CN)


Arcadia Inc. "Dots Card" is a dots card application with voice. "Transportation Dots Card" (Chinese) has the following features:?Car, plane or train dots can be selected.?Any number that is between 1 and 10 is randomly displayed by dots.?At the same time of presenting the dots the represented number will be pronounced by a native Chinese speaker.?Random numbers can be played one after the other with a speed of either "Fast", "Normal" or "Slow".?In "Level 2" mode, addition can be displayed. e.g. for 2+3=5, first, two dots will be displayed and "2" will be pronounced, and then three dots will be added and "5" will be pronounced."Dots Cards" (Chinese) is a right brain training and Chinese learning application that could be used anytime, anywhere. It is suitable for learning multiple languages naturally for people of any age.Besides "transportation" dots card, there are "fruit" and "animal" dots card as well. Each variation has English, Japanese and Chinese versions respectively and the voices associated with the cards are all from native speakers. Please check them out and experience the new life style with your phone.

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