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CategoryArcade & Action
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The object of the game is to collect as much treasure as possible before the game ends. Each round you will either have an encounter with a monster, find an item or piece of garbage, encounter a trap or find some treasure. You get a total of five rest breaks for your character to heal and the game will end when your character is dead at which point your total treasure collected will determine your high score. When starting the game you will automatically have your first encounter. After the first encounter you will be given an option to either keep exploring the ruins or return to your camp to rest. If you return to your camp to rest your health points will be returned to full (20 points). If you choose to continue exploring you will have one of four random encounters. First you could encounter a monster which will result in combat. The outcome of the combat is randomly and your character can be killed in the encounter which will take you to the high score entry. If your character kills the monster either your attack or defense skill will be increased by one point. Secondly you could find a treasure which will increase your score. Third you could encounter a trap which will reduce your character’s health and could kill your character ending the game. Fourth you could find an item which might increase your character’s armor or weapon rating. Sometimes you will find trash instead of useful items. There are a total of ten different types of monsters, five different types of traps and thirteen different items to discover.Version 1.1 - Modified the logo, changed click interaction, fixed intro text.Version 1.2 - Updated app so it displays better on smaller screens.

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