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TRIAL VERSION:**This is a full 15-use trial version of MediaMapper Mobile.****After 15 uses, uninstall the trial version and purchase the full version for $3.33**Compatible with Android Version 2.2 and above.MediaMapper Mobile is a GPS-enabled Android device app that geotags photos taken from the Android camera and stores them in the device itself.Photos are compatible with other mapping software including RouteScout and isWhere Photo. MediaMapper Mobile creates its own .GPX track log, allowing you to geotag photos collected from Nikon cameras and Laser Range Finders.Allows you to collect features of interest (FOI) and voice annotations as well as take sequential photos based on time or distance intervals.Google Earth Tour customization available More information available at Red Hen Systems website hereOther Features:Track Log Data Collection:• Collection data fields are automatically-or-user-populated• Data stored in NMEA and GPX formats• Device stays in low-power mode for extensive life during track log data collectionFeatures of Interest Data Collection:• Programmable field categorization for user applications• Tag specific photos in XML• Create missions (.rhproj) associated with track log and Points of Interest (POI) (photos/documents)• Easily change point of interest categories Data Output:• Images: Unmodified and geotagged photos (.jpg)• XML: File with photo, sensor, and GPS data• KMZ: Google Earth generated

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