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This is the Truxster truckstop application. Internet connection is NOT required for use of this applicationWINNER OF THE 2010 WILEY PUBLISHING CO. IPHONE APP CONTESTThe iphone version of this application won an app development contest in May, 2010. Wiley Publishing Co. (publishers of the "for dummies" series of books) conducted a design contest and selected Truck Stops as the best app within the contest. The Android version is even better than the version for Iphone!This app contains five sections: truck stops, rest areas, walmarts, local, and misc. All sections except local are searchable by state, then highway, followed by exits on the selected highway. Walmart locations can also be searched by city in addition to highway. The local section provides an opportunity to find locations which are near your current location.TRUCK STOPSThis section is currently listed by state, then highway, followed by exit. First, select the state. Second, select the highway. Then select the appropriate truck stop on that highway. From there, you will see all available information covering that particular truck stop. Information such as number of diesel pumps, number of showers, types of restaurants, availability of laundry, drivers lounge, and scale. Additionally, maps are available by clicking on the map button. In addition to the posted information about each particular stop, there are two features which allow users to post and share additional info. The first feature is a notes feature. With this feature, users are able to post public or private notes about the truck stop. If it is a public note, the note is made available to all andriod and iphone users. The second feature is a nearby feature where users can post places of interest which are near the truck stop.REST STOPSOperates similar to truck stops section. Select state, then highway, and followed by specific rest stop. WALMART LOCATIONS You can select which way you wish to search for Walmarts, either by city or by highway. DIESEL FUEL PRICES Diesel prices are currently available for PILOT, TA, PETRO, LOVES,FLYING J, and AMBESTWEIGH STATIONSWeigh stations can be located using the same method for locating items within the other sections, first by state, then highway, followed by a listing of weigh stations on the selected highway. Additionally, there is a special feature for weigh stations. Application users can track the open/closed history of each station. Additionally, this feature is also within the Iphone application, so Iphone and Android users of this application can work together in order to record the history of all weigh stations.DISCLAIMER: No promises, warrantees, or guarantees are offered and should not be implied. The developer reserves the right to make changes to this application at any time. This includes offering paid services, deleting any or all sections currently within the application, or adding any additional section(s) covering any topic which the developer feels would be appropriate for the application. Application users are not required to make any purchases and use of this application is purely voluntary. Additionally, the developer is not obligated to perform any future work on this app. Furthermore, the developer reserves the right to profit from work being done on this application. The delevoper also reserves the right to make changes to this disclaimer at any time.keywords: truck stops,truck stop,trucking,truck,cdl,rest stops, walmarts,truckster,walmart,weigh stations,diesel fuel,speedco,truck towing, truckers.

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