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Get the Truth About Asthma and Stop Those Asthma Attacks In Their Tracks!Did you know that there are 5,000 asthma related deaths each year? Don’t Become a Statistic -- Get the Answers to That and Other Burning Questions About Asthma!Here is what you will discover inside...★ Diagnosing Asthma. Medical history, a physical exam and pulmonary function tests all contribute to a proper diagnosis. But there is even more involved in the process and you learn what those steps are inside of “Truth About Asthma.” ★ Peak Flow Meter. Learn what this is and how to use it to help control your asthma.★ Asthma's Three Zones. Discover what these are and what you should do in case of an emergency.★ Asthma and Exercise. Can people with asthma exercise? Get the answer inside and learn how to avoid and reduce the risks associated with exercising for asthmatics★ How to Help Your Asthmatic Child. Learn how to know the triggers for an asthma attack in your child and how to prevent them.Get answers to these crucial questions and many more like:★ What is Asthma★ What Causes Asthma Attacks★ Different Types of Asthma★ Warning Signs and Symptoms★ The Severity of Asthma★ Asthma In Adults and Seniors★ Asthma In Infants and Children★ Pregnancy and Asthma★ How to Prevent Asthma Attacks★ Diagnosing Asthma★ Asthma Medications★ Nutritional Supplements and Diet for Asthmatics★ What Is a Peak Flow Meter★ In Case of Emergency★ Exercise and Asthma470,000 people are treated for asthma each year. 5,000 people actually die from asthma related causes. You can beat those odds if you have the right information.*** On Sale Now! (Normal Price $17.99) ***Get it now before promotion ends!

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