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by On October 10, 2012
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View products and get notifications when the latest products from the SecondLife Kid's Store Turducken are released!Features:- Virtual Catalog of Turducken Products- Access Turducken News and Plurk on the go!- Notifications pushed to your phone when new products are released! (can be enabled/disabled via menu)Instructions:**** When you first open the App hit Menu -> Refresh to ensure the latest content! ****You can use the Back button on your device or the Home button in the top right corner of the app to navigate to the Main Menu.Questions/Comments/Suggestions Welcomed!***Note, the Android Notification Push APK uses Location/GPS Permissions, but I have disabled all the Location calls in the Application I found. I am not "tracking" you and this is not TechJeeperIQ. I am working on getting rid of the Location permissions but it might take some time.***Visit for more information!

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