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Twitch! Contacts Formatter is a Contact Number Editor and Formatter for the mildly OCD (and international travelers, or people who just like their contact numbers orderly formatted). Features:✔ Single click to standardize phone number format✔ International & National formats✔ Editable contact numbers✔ Select particular numbers to update✔ Skips invalid numbers✔ Auto-detect country✔ Update multiple contact sourcesSingle Click to Standardize Phone Number FormatTwitch is a great time saver; easily fixing all the numbers to a standardized and uniform format.Contact numbers are automatically displayed; all valid numbers that can be formatted are checked for you. You just confirm the selection, click update and sit back while the application do all the formatting magic.International & National FormatsYou can save in International or National formats.NATIONAL format standardizes all numbers to a uniform look and feel.. No arbitrary dashes '-' or spaces ' ' littered across your contact list.800 1234567(800) 123 45 67800.123.4567 (eyelid *twitch*)800 1234-567 (eyelid *twitch, twitch*)standardized format -> (800) 123-4567Twitch uses Google's phone number formatting to customizes according to the countries' norm. E.g. US will be (xxx) xxx-xxxx; France will be xx xx xx xx xx. This app works for all countries.INTERNATIONAL format lets you call home from other countries (without manually appending the international calling code).International format -> +1-800-123-4567 Editable Contact NumbersClick on any number, and a dialog will appear for you to edit them individuallyTo delete a number, just clear the edit dialog and click "OK".Select Particular Numbers to UpdateThere is a global checkbox to untick all the numbers, so that you can manually select which number to save. skips invalid numbersThe application leaves invalid numbers alone and shows a non-intrusive "!". you decide if you want to ignore the numbers or delete them (via the edit dialog).Auto-detect CountryThe application uses the country code of the SIM card in your device as the default country code. You can change this default from a drop-down menu (useful if you have contacts from many different countries, or if there are no SIM card in your device).Update Multiple Contact SourcesContacts from different sources with write access (Google contacts,contact numbers in the SIM card and the phone, Whatsapp contacts, Exchange ActiveSync contacts, etc) can be saved. Phone numbers linked to Google contacts are automatically synchronized with Google.Contact MeIf this app is useful to you, please take a moment to give me a positive rating.Mail to:"> for any feature requests, bugs or general comments (to sooth your twitching OCD eyelids).

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