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What is the baby thinking?Now you can streamline your understanding of small children using the astonishing assessment algorithms of µBaby. Upon seeing a baby pull a silly face, simply whip out µHeart and take a photo. µBaby will analyze the photograph on a pixel-by-pixel basis to deliver a verdict. With another click you can then share this result with everyone you have ever met on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.If you are trying to understand what goes on in a child’s mind…If you need an authoritative answer…If you are uncertain on how to proceed…Reach for µBaby: the baby mindreaderOperating Instructions:Download and open the application. Sight your romantic quarry in the camera field. Snap a photograph by pressing the button designating the gender (♂ or ♀) of your target. Gently shake the phone for three seconds. Review the application findings. Post to your chosen social networks. Rinse. Repeat.TsaTsaTzu Productionsa uSnapsApps uSnapAppsFunctionality:* Get real-time feedback * Save photos to your cache* Scroll through photos within the application* Post photographs to Facebook* Share photos at usnapapps.drupalgardens.comFurther upgrades on similar applications:* Submit comments for consideration* Influence the outcome of algorthms* Change font, font size, text location, etc* …Communityhttp://uSnapApps.drupalgardens.comIf you like uBaby you might likeuSnark, uIrish, uHeart, uFooluBaby © 2011 Joseph Jaquinta and Stacy ColellaTerms & ConditionsThis application extends Google Market’s terms and conditions to all its users. The owners of this application extend the Google terms and conditions sited belowe here, including disclaimer of warranties(Sub-section #10: use at own risk), limitation of liability (Sub-section #11: not liable to users under any theory of liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, special consequential or exemplary damages that may be incurred, including loss of data), Indemnification (Sub-section #12: users agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless) and changes to license agreement (Subsection #13: Google may change the agreement.) Download of this application implies agreement to these terms.http://developer.android.com/sdk/terms.html

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