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UK Royal Mail Postage FREE is just one of the FREE bundled applications that is designed to work with our Android weighing scale ( app allows users to view mailing rates of services offered by UK's Royal Mail and ParcelForce services.Please do not comment and give low ratings because the rates are OUTDATED. You should UPDATE your app's RATES when it prompts you to do so.Postage rates change from time to time and we always make sure we issue the new rates on time. The app can only notify and download rate updates if your device is connected to the Internet.Updates can be done by following the instructions below.IT WORKS with MANUAL WEIGHT ENTRY or it can also connect to ELANE BLUETOOTH SCALE to weigh mailing items and compute its postage right away.Other features include:- Calculates postage for almost ALL Royal Mail and ParcelForce services with rates effective April 2, 2013- Knows services and special services that can be combined together- Internet connection is NOT required to calculate postage- Allows manual weight entry up to 30,000 grams or depending on the service's maximum weight limit- Free downloadable rate updates for major postage rate changes (requires Internet connection)Follow these instructions to update application with the latest rates (only works with version 3.0 and above):1) Launch UK Royal Mail Postage Calculator.2) On the main page, launch Menu and choose Check New Updates.3) Make sure that your Android device can connect to the Internet to check for latest rates.4) If the rates of the application are not updated, you will be prompted to update for new rates.5) Proceed with the update and wait for complete downloading of latest postage rates.6) Once finished, the application will now use the latest postage rates and no need to restart. The ELANE Bluetooth scale can be bought in Ebay or direct from Elane Electronics.Functions include: Scale calibration, Tare, Hold, Zero, gr/oz switch.Download now and experience postage computing in a handy and convenient way.About Elane Electronics:We are the leading manufacturer and designer of postage computing scales, postal weighing scales, digital scales, specialized scales, and other scale products. We also design scales and software according to customer's needs and specifications. We can make any scale together with its software that will suit your needs and specifications.We build high quality and excellent scales at reasonable prices. We are ISO certified.

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