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This is ProKey for Ultimate App Guard (UAG).ProKey supports 4 more lockers & use free themesHow to use:☆ Once you install this key, you should restart UAG in order to recognize the key. If it does not still recognize it, please restart your phone and try again☆ You should'n uninstall the key or revert to free versionIf you previously purchased Pro-version. Purchase this key and send us a refund request from Google Wallet for the Pro-version, we will refund for youWhat is Ultimate App GuardUltimate App Guard (UAG) protects apps from un-authorized accessFeatures:☆ Lock selected applications from un-authorized access☆ Support 7 different alternative lockers: PIN, password, pattern, force close, dial a number, error message and image screen☆ Customize validity period (to change locking scenarios)☆ Beautiful interfaces with a lot of customize☆ Widget to quickly enable/disable lockers☆ Schedule to lock/unlock apps in specific period in a day, during weekday or weekend, etc.,☆ Nice free theme for locker from MarketOptional:☆ Optionally organize apps into profiles☆ Turn of profile mode to enjoy simple UI.☆ Download App Guard Helper to prevent Task Killer and uninstalling apps from Launcher.Notes: ☆ Free version offers tree lockers (PIN, password, pattern), buy Pro version to use other lockers☆ By default, this app will lock following apps: Messaging, Gmail, Email, Market, Facebook, Go SMS, Handcent, Paypal, Settings, Gallery, Facebook, GTalk and itself☆ This app appears as UAL Free on your Android drawer (to escape from curious people)☆ The app always locks itself. Recommended to put your email to recover code if you lost it.

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