Ultimate Privacy App – Lite


PRIVACY is again yours with Ultimate Privacy App!***PASSWORD PROTECTED***It protects your secret contact, private messages and call logs from the prying eyes of the world. ***HIDE CONTACTS***Make sure your secret contacts remain hidden from the world. Safe and secure.***HIDE SMS/ TEXT MESSAGES***Hide your private text messages from selected contacts. Only you can access it via password entry.***HIDE CALL LOGS***Want to avoid certain contacts from being shown in call logs. Just select the name and you are done. Made a call to a secret contact? Don’t worry, the call log will be transferred to the vault.***DECOY FRONT***The application will appear as fuzzy ghost in your apps. No person opening the app will understand that it is a decoy. Long click on the ghost 3 times to actually open the app.***BACKUP MESSAGES AND CALL LOGS***Take a backup of messages and call logs. You can do so in two formate. XML and text file. ***IMPORT BACKUP***Import Backup USING XML Format.*** SET NOTIFICATIONS***Set ON or OFF notifications when a message arrives. Even the notification has a decoy background. Also set or unset vibration, sound. ***BACK BUTTON TO LOGOUT AND HOME BUTTON TO LOGOUT***Press BACK button to LOGOUT.Press HOME button to stay logged in (for next 10 minutes, then you’ll be logged out automatically. Use while chatting.)This is LITE version. Works with 1 contact only. If this works fine, then you can purchase the PRO version. For issues, drop us mail at contact@dexterltd.com

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