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You’re juggling work, family and school, relying on your smartphone to stay organized. With Phoenix Mobile 3.0, you have your online classroom at your fingertips while you’re on the go - anytime, anywhere. Download it and let us know what you think.Phoenix Mobile has the features you want most.* View information posted by your instructor in the Materials Forum* Open attachments* Navigate through forums, save and delete drafts and flag and mark posts even if you’re offline* Participate in online classroom discussion forums* Draft and post to discussion threads and reply to your classmates’ posts* View, edit and save drafts of your discussion comments* View message flags, discussion questions and class announcements* Receive real-time alerts when grades are posted* Receive real-time alerts when your instructor posts new threads or responds to your messagesHere’s what your classmates are saying about Phoenix Mobile:• “Love being able to post while I’m at me one less thing I have to do when I get home and have other assignments or work to do!!!”• "I can get to my classes and get my work done from my job leaving more free time for myself and family!"• "I love having my school on the go. It makes things so much easier! This app is great".To learn more about University of Phoenix online programs, visit

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