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Unknown Call Info.Have you ever ignored an important business call just because you didn't have the number in your contacts?If you hesitated to answer a call, use Unknown Call Info from now on.When you get a call from an unknown number, Unknown Call Info. not only gives information about the number, but also warns you that the call is unnecessary.If someone calls many and unspecified people frequently, his/her calling is highly likely to be unnecessary. That's the pattern of telemarketing and phishing calls.In other words, you can ignore unknown calls safely and avoid potential danger in advance if they have similar patterns.In addition, you can turn off ringer automatically when you get an unknown call.You can also use this application to remember a phone number which is temporarily needed.Unknown Call Info. will run automatically when unknown call is coming.Here is the information that Unknown Call Info. gives.1. The number of people who don't know the number. (Big number indicates that the call is unnecessary.) 2. The number of Declined VS. Accepted. (Also don't need to answer the call if many people didn't.)3. The number of Dislikes VS. Likes. (Also don't need to answer the call if many people disliked it.)4. The average talk time. (Very short time means useless calls, and you may want to reject long time calls when you are busy.)5. Detailed tags on numbers.As more people use this application, information will become more accurate and plentiful.Let's achieve a sound society. :-)E-mail: unknowncallinfo@gmail.comTwitter: @unknowncallinfo

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