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★★★★★ Learning on your lockscreen ★★★★★UnlockYourBrain is a great tool for quick learning and everyday life.✓ Complete a short math puzzle to unlock your phone✓ Practice math effortlessly, without setting aside practice time✓ Use the 2 seconds you normally take to unlock your phone to train your brain✓ Always find yourself optimally challenged, as the difficulty level adapts with your progress✓ Observe your behaviour: track your progress, performance, and usage patterns in the Statistics Notes:# If you use another launcher app (e.g. Nova Launcher), check out the FAQ (http://bit.ly/156E7o9) to ensure there are no compatability problems.# If you experience any difficulties, or discover any bugs, please contact support@unlockyourbrain.com. We're so grateful, and we'll deal with the issue fast, guaranteed.How it works:UnlockYourBrain replaces your lockscreen with a short math equation. The difficulty is determined by your past performance. Let’s say you are asked to solve 4 + 7 and your target time is 3 seconds. If you solve it correctly within those three seconds, then next time it will be a little bit more difficult. If you take longer than three seconds, or if you don’t solve it correctly, the difficulty will decrease. Please allow 100 screen unlocks to calibrate your difficulty.What is free:UnlockYourBrain is free and includes basic user statistics and addition puzzles. It's easily sufficient for you to train your math skills and to understand the flow, but after some time you may want to upgrade to more puzzle types, such as subtraction or multiplication. You can purchase them within the app.Features: ✓ The app adapts to your optimal difficulty level, setting new problems in line with your performance.✓ Monitor your personal development over time, and for each puzzle. Statistics show your accuracy level, improvement, and whether you are meeting your target time. ✓ See how many times you unlock your phone and how often, relative to your performance. See when you perform best, at what time of the day and week. ✓ Statistics reveal your performance and usage over various time intervals.✓ Use the Skip slider to access your phone directly in a hurry.✓ Inside the app, practice your math skills for fun with Practice mode, and see your performance improve.✓ Adjust the length and difficulty of your practice sessions.✓ … many more inside.We are really excited about UnlockYourBrain and hope, so are you! For further details and updates, please become a fan our facebook page www.facebook.com/UnlockYourBrainIf you have questions about our Permission. please refer to http://www.unlockyourbrain.com/permissions/enor check our FAQ Happy Unlocking! support@unlockyourbrain.com

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