UP by Jawbone


??? REQUIRES UP WRISTBAND TO USE THIS APP ??? UP is a system, wristband + app, that tracks how you sleep, move and eat 24/7 so you can know yourself better, make smarter choices and feel your best. ? Track your sleep & physical activity ? Log your food & drink & track nutritional info ? Get insights to help you set & achieve your goals ? Set Smart Sleep Alarms to wake up refreshed ? Set Idle Alerts to remind you to move ? Team up with friends in the app and live better together ? Requires UP wristband to use this app TRACK YOUR SLEEP Hours slept, deep vs. light sleep, how long it took you to fall asleep and how many times you woke up. TRACK YOUR ACTIVITY Steps, distance, calories burned and time spent active vs. idle. LOG YOUR FOOD & DRINK Log what you eat and drink and get as detailed as you want. Take a photo of your food, scan a barcode, browse the UP image gallery or search the ingredient database. UP also helps you track calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein, sugar, fiber and sodium. GAIN INSIGHT UP simply and beautifully visualizes your information so, at a glance, you can understand the meaning behind your data. UP also delivers personalized insights and clear, actionable tips to help you achieve your goals. TAKE ACTION UP helps you set daily goals and tracks your progress over time. It also lets you set helpful alarms and reminders. You can set multiple Smart Alarms to silently wake you at the ideal moment in your sleep cycle to help you wake up feeling refreshed. You can also set Idle Alerts to remind you to move when you

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