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Use this tool to find out immediately what your UPC-TV will play rightnow. This guide is faster then the settop-box itself and far more comfortable than the internet pages of UPC to find out what’s currently running.The following countries are supported: * Austria * Ireland * the Netherlands * Slovakia * Hungary     * PolandBut even if you are not using UPC for your services you will find out what’s up on the main stations in middle europe! Channel and Event Overview. Also you can set up your favorites to quickly see what you want to know. What’s running on TV? Don’t know? Use this app! It will help you organizing your TV-enjoyment to the max!You can set up your favorites (for each country) if you like and get an Overview which show or movie is up now.Also you will not throw away any network resources, to update the data you quickly press reload and decide yourself when you need actualization.One Click and see what you like, and maybe you got luck and it’s right up on TV.Further countries are currently prepared. The new Rights in the app are only used for ad-management. Please feel free to click on it!Use our Facebook-Page to give us feedback!!https://www.facebook.com/FrogBytezhttps://www.facebook.com/UpcTv

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