Urban Sunshine Maps


Urban Sunshine Maps shows currently sunny city spots. The map visualizes shadows thrown by inner city buildings at selected daytime hour. This is a must app for every urban sun worshiper: Find your sunny city spot! Like a sunny street café.(1) Map starts at your current location(2) Calculates today’s solar positions(3) Draws city shadows for selected hourWorks world-wide: In many metropolitan city-centers building details are available. Street level details are available in every city.Local business search powered by Google PlacesFeatures:- city sunlight visualization- buildings’ shadows visualization- easy cafe and restaurant finder- sunlight directions calculation for specified hour- todays sun set time and sun rise time- local business search (e.g. pizza)- sending hour specific sunshine maps imageKeywords: city, urban, sun, sunlight, solar position, shadow, sunshine, sunset, sunrise time, daylight, sun rise, sun set, surveyor, seeker, sundial, moon, live, angle, photography, photo, real estate, living, cafe, coffee shop, street, restaurant, car park, altitude, azimuth, board, sun path, sun-trap, sunbath, shadow finder, shade, bright side, sunny, building, city center, maps, down-town, sunlight directionsSystem requirements:- High performance device (with ARMv7: e.g. Nexus One/S/Galaxy, Galaxy S/S2, HTC Desire, Sensation)- Android 2.2+ (Android 2.3 Gingerbread on lower performance devices)- Network connection (3G, 4G or WiFi)

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