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If you have ever forgotten something or just dread the thought of running errands, a new D.C.-based phone app may come in handy. Say hello to Urban Delivery, a new app-based service that lets you get anything delivered within an hour via bike, available now. We are a team of bike messengers that you summon via smartphone any time of day or night. Simple enough. And yet, the possibilities...Say you suddenly decide to have a clambake in your backyard. For breakfast. But you really can’t trust last night’s guests alone in your house unsupervised. So you’ll pull up this app, then tell us you’ll need a shovel and a bushel of clams and some eggs, and where you’d like them to procure these items.We’ll dispatch a messenger, who’ll even pay for it all and charge it to your account in the app. Then you can track said messenger’s progress toward your house.Just remember the two criteria: your quarry has to be a) for sale in the city and b) able to be carried on a bike.A suit of armor: probably out of the question. It’s part delivery service, part concierge, and it’s all done on two wheels. Urban Delivery will deliver anything to you in DC in less than an hour "as long as it fits on a bike".

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