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Put the whole U.S. Marine Corps Close Combat Training Manual on your phone. Can move to the sd card for android 2.2 plus. Based on the Marine Corps Close Combat Training Manual MCRP 3-02BTOCOverview of Close CombatChapter 1. Fundamentals of Close Combat1. Ranges of Close Combat2. Weapons of the Body3. Target Areas of the Body4. Pressure Points of the Body5. Basic Warrior Stance6. Angles of Approach and Movement7. Balance and Off-Balancing8. FallsChapter 2. Lethal and Nonlethal Weapons Techniques1. Bayonet Techniques2. Nonlethal Rifle and Shotgun Retention Techniques3. Nonlethal Handgun Retention Techniques4. Firearm Disarmament TechniquesChapter 3. Hand-Held Weapons1. Fundamentals of Knife Fighting2. Knife Fighting Techniques3. Weapons of Opportunity4. Fundamentals of Combative Stick5. Combative Stick Techniques6. Blocking Techniques7. Unarmed Against Hand-Held Weapons8. Counters to Hand-Held Weapon AttacksChapter 4. Strikes1. Principles of Punches2. Punches3. Strikes with the Upper Body4. Strikes with the Lower Body5. Counters to StrikesChapter 5. Throws1. Turning Throw2. Hip Throw3. Leg SweepChapter 6. Chokes and Holds1. Types of Chokes2. Chokes3. Counters to Chokes and HoldsChapter 7. Ground Fighting1. Offensive Ground Fighting2. Defensive Ground Fighting3. Ground Fighting ChokesChapter 8. Nonlethal Techniques1. Unarmed Restraints and Manipulation2. Nonlethal BatonAppendicesA. Pugil Stick TrainingB. Safety Precautions During TrainingFans of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Love this app. The marines have been masters of hand to hand combat since before it was cool!

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