USB Dataloggerreader test


This program is the Test-Version of "USB Dataloggerreader". It is an interface to temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current, sound level and/ro CO cocentration USB-dataloggers. (Works only on tablets and smartphones which have a USB (Host) plug.)You can configure the logger and read the data on the logger, as well as preview the data.WARNING:This app is a test application only. Its sole purpose is to test, if the datalogger reader app works correctly together with your datalogger.This app has the same functionallity as the full version except for you cannot save the data read from the datalogger to a file!This means: be careful: if you do not save the data (with another application or the full version of the USB datalogger reader), it will be lost (= cannot be read anymore from the datalogger) as soon as you write another configuration to the datalogger.Also please note that "get confg" will stop logging.Also: if you try to use the app together with a datalogger which is not yet tested, the effects may be unpredictable and can lead to data loss on the logger.So, It is recommended to do the tests only with an empty logger or with data, which you do not care to loose.Following data loggers are supported:* Voltcraft DL-120-TH, DL-100-T, DL-181-THP * LOG32 sold by several electronic vendors* Lascar EL-USB-1,2,3,4 (experimental)* MCC USB500-Series (partly, experimental)* maybe others (not tested) If you have successfully tested a datalogger which is not yet on this list, please let me know by feedback or contact me via email.Files are stored in the Download directory (therefore it needs the WRITE_EXTERNAL_MEMORY permissions).

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