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DeveloperOmnipresent Education Pvt. Ltd
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by On April 24, 2012
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This App will make your CS exam preparation very easy.-by will help you to learn all three sub-components of CS exam.1. Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE)-Data Gathering-Patient note2. Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS)-Questioning skills-Counseling skills-Professional Manner and Rapport3. Spoken English Proficiency (SEP)-Each case has video - which help you to learn how to ask questions, pronounce difficult questions------------------------------------------------This app requires internet connection, wifi recommended-----------------------------------------------This App also covers very important points of CS exam.-Things you need to remember before entering patient room-Formulate Differential Diagnosis based on symptom-How to start case-How to take History of Present Illness (HPI)-Dealing with difficult patient-Answer challenging questions-Counseling for alcohol abuse, smoking cessation, illegal drugs-How to summarize history-What to remember before starting physical exam-Physical exam: which systems you should cover-Closure : things you need to cover***You will also get samples of patient note, so you can practice and be expert of it. ***----------------------------------------------You will get most frequently asked 6 cases and videos.1. Back Pain: A 73 year old female with Back Pain2. Sore Throat: A 20 year old college student with Sore Throat (with Patient Note)3. Numbness and Weakness: A 60 year old female with Numbness and Weakness (with Patient Note)4. Hematuria: A 62 year old male with bloody urine (with Patient Note and counseling for smoking cessation)5. Sad Mood and Fatigue: A 32 year old female with Sad Mood and Fatigue (with Patient Note)6. Vomiting in 2 month old child: A telephonic case: counseling of mother for continuous hydration, need to take child to hospital-----------------------------------------------REVIEWS FROM OUR WEBSITE –“Melissa: Interactive way of preparing for the CS”“LUKMAN ABDURRAHIM IMAM: You have a comprehensive clinical case description”“Asit Mishra: You have extensive collection of materials which will help me achieve my goal”“Whogoes: You have focused description of the cases”“Vellashinee Muniandy: Very beneficial information and videos which are easy to understand”“Tejas: Best tutoring for USMLE Step 2 CS”

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