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Dear Friends Pilots,VAC Atlas Viewer is an application designed to simplify your flights.This application downloads and shows French airports maps. With this application you will always have airports maps with you (usefull for flight planning, or even during flight).VAC Atlas Viewer is available on the market to France's neighbours, but remember the maps are for French Airspace only.**** Warning ON ****Be Careful:VAC Atlas Viewer is a software application : it can fail or crash ! So be sure to have the originals maps with you !**** Warning **** OFFNow that was said, here's a quick overview of the differents features :- Database update on demand from the SIA web site (translation = Aeronautical Information Service).- Displays Airports in a fast scroll list.- Icons for each types of Airfield (Public, Restricted, Altiport).- Airports altitude is displayed.- Download maps localy on you device.- Delete maps.- Displays maps (requires an external PDF reader that is not provided).- Search by ICAO code or by Name (dynamic filtering).- Alphabetically sort by name or airport ICAO code.- Sorting according to distance (when GPS is activated) : displays the distance and bearing to reach the airports.- Use both "GPS" and "Network" provider to enable the location in flight but also indoor (for a flight planning for exemple).- Mode "online" or "downloaded" (the latter is useful in flight or when no network coverage is available to show only the downloaded maps).- Choice of the download directory (you can use the SDCard).- Choice of display units for altitude and distance, "Feet" or "Meters".- Save user preferences (sorting & mode) between executions for a consistent user experience.- User interface in French and English (the maps are both French and English but it depends mainly of SIA here).- Free application, ad free !The ergonomics and operation of the application have been designed to allow in-flight use (no networks).Before each operation requiring a network connection, a warning box appears to warn you (and also because it can cost depending your operator).At first run, the application will update its database from the official SIA website : it uses few bandwidth (~ 70K) but it can take up to 1 minute and half depending on the CPU of your device. All subsequent updates will be at your request via the Help menu !Every first display of a map the application requests confirmation to download (again you can set where you want to download in the preferences : make sure the directory is writable).Once a map is downloaded it appears in the "Download" mode.A short-Tap allows you to view the map with a PDF reader (not supplied).A Long Tap deletes the maps that you no longer want to keep.From the help screen you can update the database : if the revision has changed you will need to update your maps (because they become obsolete). I suggest you to use a file explorer like "Ghost Commander" to clean up the download directory.If the revision has changed on the SIA site and you have not done an update, you'll get an error on all new download. That's because the revision is not checked (see above). So you will need to make an update via the help menu.Others features on the way.Good flights.Stéphane (Pilot @ LFLG).Keywords: pilot tool, aircraft, aviation, vfr, aero map, airport, airfield, visual flight, takeoff, landing, navigation support tool, flight plan, France.

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