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Heart Reactions is an action game all about crazy chain reactions, bonuses, powerups and combos! It's the ultimate heart game! tap on flying hearts to start the chain reaction and get as many hearts you can! Use Bonuses and beware of broken hearts!When you tap a heart, it falls in love, and like a chain reaction, makes all hearts near fall in love, and they do the same, make longest Chain reactions, to get the ultimate score! Win and make love!3 BRAND NEW GAME MODES:Arcade Mode:- Time is limited, but you've got plenty of bonuses to use, beware of broken hearts, make chains, and score!Survival Mode:- Unlimited game time! But you can touch a broken heart just 3 times, be careful and get the high score!Chain Mode:- The Developers favorite! No bonuses, no broken hearts, get in to chain mode, and focus on getting the longest chains ever to get more time.5 Brand new Bonus hearts!Double: clone all hearts on screen!Magnetize: Tap on Heart magnet, and all hearts will start orbiting it for Mega Chain reactions!Love Rain: tap and a rain of hearts will all from above, make sure to tap them all!Red Gem: Eliminate Broken Hearts nearby, and collect all hearts aroundFreeze: Slows everything on screen so you can concentrate and think!Features:- Extremely simple controls - just touch a heart to make chain reaction or claim bonus!- 3 Game modes- 5 Bonus Hearts- Super Beautiful and Cute Graphics- Amazing Music!- Heyzap integration - check in when you play, and share scores- Unforgettable atmospheric game with hardcore gaming elements. Search your feelings, you know it to be true ;)The Game mechanic is a bit similar to Fruit Ninja because hearts fly randomly all around, if you played it before - you should be really good in this one as well. It's an Addictive action game with totally different stuff in it. Heart slasher - reinvented.It has different element, so if you like thinking games, or adventure games or just looking for some cute stuff to do, this one is a good fit!Supported Devices:We support almost all devices like Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S 2, HTC Desire, Kindle Fire, and others.Originally lunched at Valentine's Day, as "Love Cupid", Heart Reactions is a game to play everyday!As always it's part of our free games for mobile initiative, enjoy it for free, and do not forget to give us your feedback, we value it a lot!tags: love games, heart games, chain reaction, chain games

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