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VectorEditor is an easy-to-use vector editing program, allowing you to design shapes for your own programs.Data is saved as a text file, allowing for easy processing.Features include multiple action types, node groups and the ability to move the shape in 4 directions as well as rotating it.This release is as much as getting used to Android publishing as seeing how people find the application.As you can see from the screen shots, it doesn't look that exciting, mainly due to the fact that my WonderMedia tablet doesn't support as many graphic extensions as the program uses. I have been assured, however, that a tablet that has the full range of graphic extensions will look better.Please note that, whilst everything does work, without a decent display you mind find it tricky to enter an author name, object name and filenames.This program has only been tested on a tablet, so may or may not work on a smart phone.If you're having problems with downloads, installs, refunds, payments, or Android Market access, please contact the Android Market team through the Android Market Help Center and user forum.

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