Vectorized Mountains LWP HD


Vectorized is a series of Live Wallpaper by Accurve Studios which use full vector art to bring your device to life. Enjoy the unique mountain scenery where the trees sway softly in the wind, and the clouds move fleetingly across your screen. You will never get bored as the scenery changes every time you open your device. Be amazed by the near infinite possibilities in the scenery as the wallpaper creates a new scene every time. Look out for exciting and bizarre events which take place live on your screen! Volcanoes will explode, UFOs will pass in the sky, and Easter Island Heads will appear out of nowhere. Be ready for more updates which will add even more unique features and events!- Scenery is randomly generated each time homescreen is shown.- Vector graphics ensure sharp high definition display that supports any screen size.- Rendering is stopped when user is interacting with phone, increasing overall responsiveness.- Effectively manages CPU usage to reduce battery consumption.- Fully customizable, allowing user to set parameters such as trees density and objects frequency

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