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Vehicle Checks GB app contains Vehicle Tax GB, Vehicle MOT GB and Vehicle Recalls GB apps at half the cost of buying them separately.*** V1_1 works with the latest DVLA website ***Vehicle Tax GBVehicle Tax GB uses the DVLA database to automatically check any GB vehicle Tax status. Also lets you check your vehicles insurance status and report unlicensed (no road tax) vehicles.CHECK VEHICLE TAXSimply enter the Vehicle Registration Number (registration plate) and manufacturer make and it will tell you:Date of Liability (when your tax runs out)Date of vehicles first registrationYear of manufactureCylinder capacityCO2 emissions (in g/Km)Fuel typeExport markerVehicle status (license due or not)Vehicle colourVehicle type of approval6 and 12 months rate (the cost to tax the vehicle for 6 and 12 months)Check your vehicle has been taxed and the DVLA have it on their database.Check when your vehicle tax expires.See how much 6 or 12 months road tax should cost you.When buying a second hand car, check the tax disc is valid.When buying a second hand car, check the registration number belongs to the car.After a road accident, check the other vehicles road tax status.Using another vehicle temporarily, check it’s taxed before taking it onto the road.REPORT AN UNLICENSED VEHICLETakes you to the relevant web site so you can fill in a form to report an unlicensed vehicle. Please read the details on the web page.CHECK YOUR VEHICLE INSURANCEThis App takes you to the relevant askMID web page to check your own vehicle insurance status for FREE. It will say Yes or No at the top of the web page after you enter your vehicles Registration Number.Vehicle MOT GBVehicle MOT GB uses the VOSA database to automatically check any GB vehicle MOT status. It also lists a history of all MOTs for the vehicle including reasons for failure and advisory notes.CHECK VEHICLE MOTSimply enter the Vehicle Registration Number (registration plate) and VT20/30 (MOT test reference) or the vehicles V5C reference numbre and it will tell you:Make/ModelColourVIN/Chassis NoApprox date first useType of fuelDate of MOT testResultOdometer readingTest numberTest station nameTest station numberTest station telephone numberLIST VEHICLE HISTORYSimply enter the Vehicle Registration Number (registration plate) and VT20/30 (MOT test reference) or the vehicles V5C reference number and it will show you:A list of all MOT tests for the vehicle each displaying the details above and the following:vehicles Test class,Test expiry date,Reason(s) for refusal,Advisory message entered by the test station.Displays the MOT result in green if it passed or red if it failed. Simply swipe left and right to view the previous/next MOT.Vehicle MOT GB is useful for the following occasions:Remind you when your MOT is due.Check your vehicle details have been entered correctly into the VOSA database.Check the MOT history of a second hand car you are thinking of purchasing.Check a vehicles V5C reference given to you is correct.Check any MOT V20/30 document is valid for a vehicle you are thinking of purchasing.Vehicle Recalls GBVehicle Recalls GB uses the VOSA database to list all recalls of any GB vehicle. Recalls include details of the vehicles affected, the fault and remedial action.LIST VEHICLE RECALLSSimply enter the vehicle Make and Model and for each vehicle recall will tell you:Launch date,Recalls number,Make,Model(s),Concern,VIN start and end,Build start and end dates,Reference number,Manufacturer reference number,Numbers involved,Concern detailed description,Remedial action,Vehicle ID.Vehicle Recalls GB is useful for the following occasions:Check your vehicle to see if there is a recall.Check the garage has performed the correct remedial action on your vehicle.If your buying a second hand vehicle, check the vehicles make/model recall history and see if all remedial work has been performed.

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