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?????????? A quick reference guide for veterinary nurse professionals. Contains a quick reference of normal parameters for small and common household pets. A perfect pocket companion for vets and vet nurses / vet technicians on the go.FEATURES:?   Quick animal reference for common pets.?   Diseases, definitions, symptoms and incubation periods.?   Biochemistry ranges for dogs, cats and rabbits.?   Calculation and conversion tools, such as gas/liquid flow rates, transfusion and infusion, phlebotomy, body surface area, weights and temperatures.?   Patient notes facility for logging quick notes.?   Quick definitions for 300+ terms.?   Support for App2SD and Move To SD (android 2.2+)? Supports both phones and tablets.? No ads, no intrusive permissions, just a clean fast veterinary app.?  It’s only the price of a coffee, plus if you try it and don’t like it we will give you a no-quibble refund (up to 7 days from purchase).Includes key animal data such as:- Normal body temperature ranges- Normal heart rate ranges- Normal respiratory rates- Gestation periods- Dentition info- Maturity periods- Normal water intake/loss levels- Urine volume & specific gravity- Oestrus cycle info- Lifespan- Weaning and Breeding ages- Natural diet- Average weights- Species gender terminology- Classification mammalian orderFor 18 common pets including:- Felines- Canines- Rabbits- Guinea Pigs- Gerbils- Ferrets- Hamsters- Rats- Chinchillas- Mice- Amphibians- Bearded Dragons- Chickens- Parrots- Snakes- Sugar Gliders- Swine – Tortoises? We support our apps. If you run in to a problem, please visit our website at where we have support articles and FAQ’s. Alternatively you can drop us an email and we’ll do our best to resolve it for you (please also check your junk mail for replies, just in case). If you submit a crash report – please email us too! We can fix it much quicker if we can liase with you, thanks.

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