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CategoryMedia & Video
DeveloperMichael Polovnev
Added2 years ago
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Google Rating4
by On May 1, 2013
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Makes you able to save internet video files. It pretends to be a video player... but saves the videofile instead of playing it.It is supposed to appear when your device asks you to choose a video player. If you choose "Video downloader", the device will download a video file. You can access downloaded files using the "Downloads" application.Video Downloader appears for http video links only.When you CAN NOT use video downloader:* YouTube, Vimeo;* HTML5 embedded videos;* any case when android doesn't ask you to choose a video player.When you CAN use video downloader:If android asks you to choose a video player when you're opening a video from web.PLEASE NOTE:There is no launch icon for this application. It lauches when you click a video file in web.Some devices turn off Wi-Fi when they go into sleep mode. The download fails.Please make sure Wi-Fi sleep policy is set to "Never" to prevent this.( )If android doesn't ask for a video player, you might need to clear video player defaults.If you've cleared defaults and it still doesn't ask to select a player... then this application doesn't suit you.If it asks to select a player but Video Downloader is mising in the list, that might be a bug - it this case, please email me.If your device can't play a downloaded video file, MX Player with a software decoder might help.

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