Video Ringtone Caller ID


You can put the movie as incomming display which downloaded from YouTube.Download, and you cau use this app soon. You can change the movie file as you like.Inherit the function of our application "Don’t hang up". If pay version is installed, the ads is disapear.◆ Recommended application introduction ◆Animation editing -VidTrim – Video TrimmerXperia X10, Xperia arc, Galaxy S, Galaxy mini, Galaxy S2, Regza, HTC Evo 4G, N-06C Attention: recognized that an animation sound does not come out during the receipt at the terminal made in SHARP. recommend the use by the combination of ringtone and animation image.V1.7.0(2012/08/30)■ When there is a check in the "Use hardkeys to answer call", in full screen display,the following other ways toreceive call: Menu Key → Back key (田) (←)Reject call: back key (←) → Menu key (田)■ Direct call termination (for all models)Menu key (田)V1.6.3(2012/04/23)■modified ads.V1.6.2(2012/02/23)■The display contents to the Status Bar has been changed to only when the outgoing call time.V1.6.1(2012/02/21)■Changed so that you can select to display or not calls info on the status bar.V1.6.0(2012/02/09)■Showing the video in full screen, you can reject incoming or answer the phone by slide.(Only when less than AndroidOS2.3)V1.5.0(2012/02/03)■Phone can be turned off by the menu key while the screen is guard.(Only when less than AndroidOS2.3)V1.4.5(2011/10/21)◆(updated the engine of ads)V1.4.4(2011/10/14)■changed the initial color of guard to the light blueV1.4.3(2011/10/07)■can modify the number of times and time of vibration when a call was finishied.V1.4.2(2011/09/30)◆changed adsV1.4.1(2011/09/27)◆preference for vibrating time addedV1.4.0 2011/09/08◆can specify the background color when movie is displayed in verticalV1.3.0 2011/09/06◆movie can be displayed in vertical directionV1.2.1 2011/08/31◆changed ads and optimization.V1.2.0 2011/08/12◆Bug fix and changed ads.V1.1.7 2011/08/05◆After previewing in silent mode and sound mode is ringer, silent mode is canceled. Modifications so that silent mode is not canceled.V1.1.5 2011/08/04◆Bug fix concern about the sound of ringer and movie. V1.1.2 2011/08/02◆Bug fix.V1.1.0 2011/08/01◆You can specify the start playing position of video movie file.◆Changed a logic of the utterance of a ringtone and a video movie for incoming.V1.0.3 2011/07/05◆Add Dialog notification volume and Ringer volumeV1.0.2 2011/07/01◆Made modification after preview movie file or after incoming call so that the sound setting doesn’t change◆Prepared an option switch for the application stop(resident cancellation)◆Corrected that when there was no MP4 file at the time of installation and Android version is more than 2.2, ended abnormally.Key :proximity sensor,[Dispatch][A reply],Prevention of cutting,shield,Protection,telephone,vibrate,vibration,video,flash,motion,animated,animation,movie,cartoon,moving,clip,business,sales,disconnected directly by menu button

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