Viking Rescue FREE


☆☆☆☆NEW, check out our Dollarpic App too, sell photos from your phone!☆☆☆☆This is the FREE version which is ad supported. For the ad free version (99¢) please go here: a short gameplay video here: ship of Vikings has been taken from the sea and carried into the sky! The evil trickster god Loki is behind it. He takes joy in dropping the men through his wicked traps and laughing at their demise.Only you can stop him.You have the power to conjure ice with your fingertips. Rescue the Vikings by landing them on your golden ottoman and keep them from falling into Loki’s twisted traps!Users who like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Space Physics, and Doodle Jump will probably like this game.(The permissions required are only for the purpose of serving ads and nothing else)

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