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The barometer is a scientific instrument used in meteorology for more than three centuries to measure atmospheric pressure. By tracking changes in pressure it is possible to predict the weather with some accuracy. Now you can use your Android device as a barometer with this unique new app!The classic weather forecast instrument is now available on ALL Android devices!Vintage Barometer uses up-to-the-minute data from World Weather Online to create an authentic antique barometer experience. Watch as the pressure rises and falls to gauge what weather is on its way. If the pressure is rising, the weather should be improving - if it's falling you might want to find your umbrella.Giovanni Grigioni was one of the great makers of barometers in the Victorian era, a tradition upheld by three generations of the Grigioni family. Vintage Barometer was created by Giovanni's great-great-grandson, so it seemed only right to revive this classic barometer marque for the 21st century. The barometer dial is in the aneroid style, set on a background of dark red mahogany, with a brass boilerplate featuring the manufacturer's details, and a marquetry motif including the Tyrell electric sheep logo.If you've been eyeing up the new generation of smartphones and tablets with built-in barometers (Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3 (SGS3), Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom and Sony Ericsson Active, etc) fear not! You too can have a barometer in your current Android device: at a fraction of the price of a new phone ;)How to use Vintage BarometerBy checking Vintage Barometer on a daily basis, you can predict the weather with some accuracy. The barometer gives a reading of atmospheric pressure; by observing how the pressure changes over time, it is possible to build up your own weather forecast. The text on the dial of a barometer (rain, changeable, sunny and so on) only gives a generalisation and is mostly decorative.In general:~ rising pressure means more settled and clear weather is on its way.~ falling pressure means less settled, cloudier weather is coming, with the possibility of rain.The rate at which the pressure is rising or falling is also important:~ if the pressure rises gradually over a period of time (1-5 mb per day for a week or so) this is an indication of a long period of settled clear weather to come.~ if the pressure falls slowly, a long period of unsettled, changeable weather can be expected.~ if the barometer falls very quickly (10 - 20mb in a few hours), there is a storm on the way. Strong winds and rain should be expected.~ rapidly rising pressure means improving conditions and clearing skies.As Admiral Fitzroy (famous meteorologist and Captain of The Beagle during Darwin's voyage, who pioneered modern weather forecasting techniques) said, “long foretold, long last; short notice, soon past”. If you happen to be a fan of the BBC Shipping Forecast, you will now be able to understand why you hear things like “1028, rising slowly”.

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