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As seen on CNN, NBC, Fox, Forbes, NY Daily Times and Business week! Check out our web page for more details.Visible Vote was designed from the ground up to address transparency and accountability in our government! Visible Vote is the first and only application that allows you to cast a virtual vote on the same measures that your representatives vote on?and then informs them of your position via weekly fax . Visible Vote also monitors how often your Congressmen vote in alignment with you and the people they represent.The only question left is whether or not your legislators are doing their job? representing you. Hold them accountable like never before. Visible Vote hands the power back to you.Visible Vote is an unbiased service that aims to bring greater transparency to our representative form of government. Discover the most technologically effective way to advise, communicate and track your legislators today.What you can do with this app:1 Send a Letter to your Legislators through your BlackBerry®.2 Track how your legislators are voting on issues you care about.3 Vote on the same Bills as your legislators and update your legislators on your vote.4 Cast a Real Time Job Approval Rating and Monitor Legislators Approval Ratings5 Leave comments for your friends on Facebook on each Legislator and Bill6 Participate in Live Events with your Representatives7 Check In to Political Events (Coming soon).What the app does for you:1 Sends a letter every week to your legislators on how YOU and others in his/her district are voting.2 Automatically provides feedback to you when senators vote for or against you.The application integrates/syncs with Visible Vote for Facebook.Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

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