Visual Spreads Trading Demo


This is a demo of our white-label trading solution.VisualSpreads by AT Platforms white-label app that we customise for your brand and integrate into your back-end trading systems. We’ve created a pluggable architecture that enables us to integrate with many back-end systems. Please see our integration document for more information.This app is intended to be a demo for individuals and organisations who require an Android trading solution. We will undertake the work to bring your dream to reality.For more information and for a quote please contact us through our website.This app is our vanilla version. Please take time to imagine how your brand will fit onto the final product.This is Alpha demo software so please be aware of the following:*This is simulated trading*All prices are simulated*All money is simulated*Trade and Orders will not be physically placed.*All data will be reset after each trading session, including but not limited to trades, orders, balances. *Please remember this is alpha software so you may run into be the occasional bug. *The "DEMO INFO" popups do not appear in the production version. These are to guide you through the white label demo.Basic features (Alpha V0.9)Our software is constantly evolving and these are a selection of the main features currently available. Custom features can also be developed on a project by project basis. We also have a number of unique and innovative features currently in development. The current version VisualSpreads is optimised for Android phones. We have an Android v3(Honeycomb) tablet optimised version also in development.FeaturesSplash/Loading/Login ScreenThis is the entry point to your application. We can add custom graphics, sounds and animation to your splash screen. For users with no account, we can build or embed your account application process into the app.Home ScreenThis is the dashboard for the application. From this screen a user can monitor their balances and navigate to all of the main app functionality.Markets ScreenFrom this screen the user can begin trading. Selecting buy or sell will open a Trade Ticket to place a trade. Live prices are delivered from our messaging server.Markets can be filtered by clicking the search icon.A user can navigate back to the home dashboard using the home button or to other screens(such as Portfolio) by using the Android menu button. This pattern is continued throughout the App.Trade TicketThis dialogue is used to place the trade. An opening or closing trade can be selected, a quantity chosen and then the trade placed.Any validation or error messages will be placed in the centre panel. A summary of the trade is also displayed for instant user feedback.Portfolio ScreenFrom here a user can monitor open positions, profit or loss is indicated using colour.The main block shows aggregate profit, clicking will expand the individual positions.All positions, or individual positions, can be closed by clicking either the main block (current price) or individual row respectivelyOrder TicketThe order ticket can be opened by selecting "Advanced" from any of the trade dialogues or by clicking the product name in any list(markets, portfolio, orders etc.).From this screen a user can place a market price order with Stop and Take Profit. Or future limit order with Stop and Take Profit.Product InfoThe product info is extremely flexible and will be defined on a per-project basis. A related news feed can also be added to this screen.Interactive Real-time ChartsOur custom built charting package updates in real-time. We are currently developing many more features, including:Full screen chartsCandlestick and line chartsOn-chart tradingSeveral popular technical indicatorsFull customisation

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