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Improve your poker mind! More and more professional players improving their mental game in order to achieve more success. However, it is difficult for the average poker player to learn the proper way to think when playing poker. A bad beat or running bad can lead to all kinds of tilt.We combined visualization and relaxation with positive messages to help you visualize success, manage your emotions and improve your focus at the poker table. This recording includes:1) Introduction2) Guided meditation3) Visualize success4) Overcome fear5) Visualize practicing6) Overcome bad beats7) One hand at a time focus8) Wake up or sleep.According to Doyle Bunson:“Try to decide how good your hand is at a given moment. Nothing else matters. Nothing!" Now you can improve your poker mind. Visualize. Relax. Improve. Download Visulax® Poker* now!*Motorola App Verified Bug Free & Malware Free.Please note: The recording is in English. The app completely downloads to your device so no internet connection is needed to use the app.Key Words: deep, relax, relaxation, calm, meditate, meditation, Hypnosis, Sleep, insomnia, mental, stress free, Zen, Self improvement, Self help, poker tips, lessons, wpt, bracelet, self improvement, help, focus, mental game, texas hold’em, omaha, tilt, odds, casino, how to play, rules, strategy, learn.Disclosures: We are not affiliated with Golf Channel, Golfshot, Golflogix, FreeCaddie, Easy Scorecard, V1, PokerKing, Iswing, Horse Racing, ESPN Radio, video poker, sports news pro, VIP, Live Holdem Poker Pro, Zynga Poker, WSOP Hold’em Legend, Slot Machine, Slots Royale, Roulette Royale, Live Poker – Texas Hold’em, Full Tilt Poker Rush Mobile, or Strip Poker.

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