vmplayer supports all kind of media formats.This is Ads supported version, install avplayer from the market for no Ads.Supports : AVI, MKV , FLV , RMVB , MP3 , OGG , FLAC , WEBM and many other formats.Websites : Youtube , Dailymotion , Vimeo , BBC and many other websites.vmplayer uses mplayer as engine.Download code from following sites(Java Part)https://mplayer-andorid.googlecode.com/git/mplayer-java.tar.gz(JNI)https://github.com/ajeet17181/mplayer-androidUsage:For first time hit rescan to update the libraryUse back button to exit from fullscreenFling Up/Down to adjust brightnessTo seek forward/backward swipe on the video screenOnly for ARMv7 CPU it will not work on ARM V6

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