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美國之音Android中文新聞應用程序操作簡捷,功能齊全,方便您隨時閱讀簡體版或繁體版美國之音新聞報道,收聽、收看美國之音廣播電視節目,瀏覽美國之音的中文博客。利用美國之音Android中文新聞應用程序的新聞線索功能,您還能直接向我們傳輸新聞線索,發送照片或錄像。美國之音Android中文新聞應用程序主要功能包括:+ 按類別檢索新聞(含圖片)+ 收聽收看視頻音頻節目(包括英語教學)+ 瀏覽美國之音中文博客+ 提供新聞線索,包括文字、照片、錄像+ 使用書簽功能收藏文章和多媒體文檔+ 隨意轉換簡繁體界面The official Android application for Voice of America’s Chinese Service, a leading international provider of news and information to China and Taiwan via satellite television, radio, and the Internet. The VOA News application allows you to access the latest news with an easy-to-use interface. You can read stories, listen to audio, watch TV programs, and check out VOA’s Chinese blogs.The VOA News app also gives you the tools to become a journalist! The Report feature allows you to send your own photos and videos, along with a description of the story, directly to VOA.Key features include:+ Latest news (with images), searchable by category+ Video and audio content+ Access to VOA’s Chinese blogs+ Report! Take pictures or video and send them to VOA+ Playlists and bookmarks+ Simplified and traditional Chinese text** NOTE: This Android application is in Chinese and is intended for those individuals who can understand Chinese. **

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