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If you don’t feel like calling your voicemail when you missed a call (or you have your voicemail switched off all together), VoicemailChimp will send a (sms) textmessage to your caller informing him that he will be called back or ignored or any text that you choose.BLACK & WHITE LISTVoicemailChimp is highly configurable. It provides you with a white list containing only the numbergroups receiving your textmessage. The blacklist contains those callers who already has received an textmessage in the past periode.PRIVATE SUBSCRIPTION VERSION[currently the private version is available for the min. Android price of € 0,50 (or free via our website) for the early adopters] You, as a user, use your mobile mainly to be reachable for family and friends. You have a voicemailmessage to inform the caller NOT leave a message, since you will not listen it out. Switching off your Voicemail and activating Voicemailchimp will save your family and friends on their TelCo-costs and you still maintain a proper and polite communication. ‘I’m not available right now. Please call me back. You may also send me an SMS or email on me@email.me’BETA-RELEASE: This version is the beta-release. We have published it as a paid version to give the early adopters the change to obtain it for a low price. See http://www.voicemailchimp.com/download for more info.

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