VoiceToText Notes Pro


This is a simple app that lets you create quick notes and a To-Do list. You can create each note or To-Do item by recording your voice (the app will convert your spoken message to text automatically) or you can type in the note or To-Do item using your phone’s keyboard.Long-press on a note to bring up the list of options. FULL INSTRUCTIONS ARE ON THE DEVELOPER’S WEBSITE (link is listed below)Each note or To-Do item can edited, deleted, viewed, sent to someone as a text message, emailed to someone or set as a reminder in your Calendar.To delete, text or email the note or To-Do item, press the item for a few seconds. To view or edit the note or To-DO item, just touch it. To record your voice and have it converted to text, just press the ‘Record’ button.This version also lets you take a picture and add that picture to the note – really handy in a store! The regular version does not have this feature. This version also lets you record a video and add that video to the note – also really handy! The regular version does not have this feature.NOTE:It uses Google Voice Search as the voice recognition system, so make sure you have Google Voice Search installed. You also have to spend several minutes with the app so that Google Voice "learns" your voice. The more you use it, the better Google Voice understands you, and the better this app works.

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