Voice Word Processor is so called voice word processor.This is a free version. The difference between the free and paid versions is:Paid version is free from advertisements and it support for document-mode which enable to create long sentences.It make it possible to create long documents by voice speaking to android smart phone or tablet.To begin,don’t forget to touch the "MOUTH MARK" button at right down.VoiceWordProcessor is using the technology of google voice recognition.It has a weak point in recognizing seldomly used words and phrases or short words(1 word or alphanumeric symbols). But it can recognize very long sentences when it is made of frequenly used words and phrases. VoiceWordProcessor is covering above weak point by separately speaking key-words for seldomly used words and phrases or using association of short words and make it possible to creating long documents.The created long documents can be edited, stored/retrieved locally,sent outside by mail or copyed to clipboard to pass to other system. Please try to make poems or novel while you are walking or lying in your bed.I think VoiceWordProcessor takes less stress or less frastration compared with typing before your desk as long as we use plain words and phrases.For which use?Daily Web,youtube search with multiple key words Create poems Diary,schedule,memo writing Mail,SNS writing Search telephone book by voiceBusiness Writing novel,essay Writing minutes of proceedingsFunctions of VoiceWordProcessor Writing long document only by voice(document mode). Search web/youtube with concatination of spoken words and phrases(search mode). Automatic next prompting: ex)Touch the each line’s MOUTH MARK,then you are prompted immediatelly next words. Automatic recognition.ex)"period" "comma" "new line" is automatically recognized.And no confirmation appears. Appeared candidates can be selected by voice(voice mode).ex)speak "number one" instead of touching no1 line by finger. Associative retrieval: Retrieve short word by speaking associative key word.ex)retrieve "a" , "b" , "c" , "A" , "B" or "C" by speaking "abc". Modifying Relative Word:Instead of difficult word,retrieve plain words and modify plain words to extract difficult word.ex)Speak any word and long press any candidate line to go to edit screen.Then type with key board and cut and paste the necessary word and "return".ex)Speak "emoticons" or "smileyes" and long press the candidate line to go to edit screen.Then delete unnecessary letters and "return". Mail address,telephone number search by voice and also the invocation of mailer/telephone by voice.ex)Retrieval of my mail address or home telephon number by speaking "my self". Register words and phrases:Register words and phrases which are frequently used.ex)Register care-management related words by hooking words "care".By speaking "care",all the registered words are listed up,so select necessary ones to input.ex)Register frequently used peoples name.Register "liz" for "Dame Elizabeth Taylor". Document preserve:Documents can be preserved locally as notepads and preserve outside by mail or document sharing such as google document/good reader using our export/import functions. Document modification:Modify documents in edit screen. Invoke outside url command:Web,youtube,mail,telephone,translation,map and docs can be invoked by voice.You can add the other urls to be invoked. Built in command:Clear,copy,undo are supported as built-in command. One-touch function:Period,comma,space,new line and delete are soppurted as a button. Public API interface:You can get text by voice using this apli to be built in other apli. Built in capitalize function(making first letter to capital letter) for english writers. Built in insert space function(inserting 1 space after each word) for english writers. Built in space button which in turn remove space when long pressed.

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