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While we live in a new era of 24-7 mobile connectivity, traditional electioneering forms that were developed in the 1950s are still being used today. Little has changed... until Voter 411!Voter 411 creates an anytime, anywhere solution for managing your relationships with voters. Voter 411 empowers candidates everywhere to communicate with voters and constituents in the way they wish to be contacted. Mobile devices are a powerful medium for accessing social networks, sharing information, mobilizing supporters and disseminating political messages. Voter 411 makes 
use of these technologies to allow candidates to reach supporters with highly targeted messages and narrowly tailored action alerts in real time.When your staff or volunteers go door-to-door, they carry a handheld mobile device such as an iPhone or Android, instead of paper, clipboards and pens. When information is entered into the device,
the data is quickly sent back to update your database in real time. During this interaction at the voter’s doorstep, a targeted, personalized message can be instantly sent to each newly contacted person, customized to the specific conversation they just had. Automatic follow-up action items can be scheduled. This real time data gathering will instantly illustrate where you are in the campaign and as a result you can make better decisions on what the next steps are, to adjust or detect changes in the electorate and adapt your strategy before it is too late.Everything is seamless from start to finish. Voter 411 provides a solution that eliminates all the time consuming repetitive work campaigns often have to perform daily by cutting out the middleman and directly entering information into the database at the point of contact. This point of contact can be at the voter’s door or on the phone. With this system, canvassers collect information from the voter and then synchronize their mobile devices back to a central database – all at the push of a button.One of the most important resources in a campaign is time. Time wasted may be the difference between winning and losing. Voter 411, App-Order’s Voter Relationship Management (VRM) app, can pinpoint exactly those voters who plan to vote for your candidate on Election Day, enabling you to spend more time and money mobilizing your base of support.In any political campaign security is a chief concern. When you send your mobile VRM team out into the field, Voter 411 can create software rules to ensure that they receive only the data they need when they need it. The latest in secure mobile login technology reduces the risks associated with a device being lost or stolen. Voter 411 can also limit the data teams see to only the information you want them to talk about with the voter, down to the specific voter profile. Voter 411 ensures synchronization of data in real time, without error.Targeting messages to voters has never been easier. You will engage them in a virtual personal dialogue. You will be able to build active, loyal support communities, create a donor base, increase democratic participation and gain new voters — collectively enhanced by a healthy, personal dialogue with your voting community.

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