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-------------Another major update! Version 3.0 features a lot of bugfixes and improvements!-------------No hassle. No questions. No splash screens. No Facebook login. No social jibber-jabber. No control. Just beautiful photos.Lomography as it's supposed to be. Each picture you take comes out differently. Light leaks, lense flares, noise, spirit orbs - there's no way of knowing what your photo will look like. There are endless possibilities. Each picture is unique.Features:★ 12 different polaroid frames, chosen at random★ 16 different layers of dust, scratches and film noise★ 50 unique light leaks and spirit orbs... together allowing for nearly 10.000 unique combinations. Don't like the effect? Roll the dice to create a new result.Are you a Voto fan and a G+'er? Go to and add us to one of your circles for up-to-date information. Share your favorite votos with us!In the latest update, a lot of improvements have been added. For starters, Samsung users will no longer deal with 90 degree rotated images. Hurray! Also: Voto now supports Android versions as old as 2.1, while at the same time being more compatible with 4.1 and 4.2. And it's better looking! Pretty nice hmm? Nice new nifty li'l thingy: if you have Instagram on your phone, you can send your Votos straight to Instagram by the touch of a button, to amaze your fellow Instagram-brethren with lomo effects they've never seen before.Go!Keywords: voto | lomo | retro | polaroid | camera | lomography | effects | instagram | dotti | picplz | cross process | vignette | fxcamera | camera zoom fx | paper camera | photography | toy camera | disposable | cam

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