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VR Remote Radio Control is an app that turns your Android smartphone or your pad into a powerful digital remote control radio for use with your RC model or with your drone.Is designed to be used on Rover , Airplane or Drones for hobby and professional use. It 's a project dynamic and evolving based on feedback from users of our community: www.virtualrobotix.comNews on revision 1.5.1  30/03/20131)Add support of fixed Yoypad you can choose in setting if you want that the stick position change with first position or your finger or it's fixed.2) Add the template support with a customizable background image.News on revision 1.5  29/03/20131) Add graphic visualization of Exp and Der of channell setupNews on revision 1.4 27/03/20131) New name , we change the name to application the old was VR DROID RC Trasmitter , we change it in VR Radio RC , more simple , we change also the link in google play:) 2) We deactivate the limit inside the application and add some special function for customize the widget available on main screen , we prefer mantain priority on control of drone . So on the scrreen you choose to have only virtual stick.3) Add the configuration of radius of virtual stick it's customizable directly inside the option pannel.4) Improve Option pannel its more simple and better organized.5) Add the Expo control for the stick.5) Add feeback on 3 channel : gas ( on 1 speaker channel) and pitch  (on vibro) is fixed and you can add 1 other feedback and decide if is on yaw or roll on vibro .  The main features are:- Ability to manage up to 8 channels.- 4 Channel standard for management ROLL, PITCH, YAW and Throttle.- Auto set of neutral position of stick when you put your finger on the screen.- 5 additional channels of digital or analog.- Management of the minimum and maximum for each channel.- Management Trim- Management subtrim.- Reverse channel management.- Configuration management esponeziali on standard channels.- Management of up to two simultaneous feedback with vibration and sound feedback to throttle on the second audio output.- Management mode 1,2,3,4 as standard RC trasmitter.PPMSUM standard output compatible with the most 'popular radio modules tx.Manages two modes: configuration and live to allow the maximum fluidity of the commands and the maximum configurability by users.The current version is a preview suitable only for beta testing use it carefully. Check the forum for have more detail about the application development : http://www.virtualrobotix.com/forum/topics/vrdroidrc

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