Wagon Shootout


★★★★★ rating! U.S. App Store "arcade", "adventure" classified "What’s Hot" list for 12 weeks to win second place. Now on Google Play!Now grab your gun, jump up the wagon, ride in the wilderness of the west in “Wagon Shootout”! As the members of Jackson family, Gavin and Albert establish an express agency – "Black-Water Company", which in charge of delivering and protecting treasure and Valuables to the destination.On the way of delivery, you will face your enemy, the biggest robber band in this borderland – "Gun Bless U". How to make the best use of your weapons and ammunition to defeat the upcoming robbers is the key to the victory. Wagon Shootout let you experience:Excitement against the clock you’ve never met – The faster you type, the faster we shoot! – Edutainment, make your typing speed invincible. Diverse, rich weapons Features – Features of well-designed weapons, let you forget the existence of the keyboard – Variety of shooting modes, perfectly match the features of guns Funny, comedy characters – The unique characteristics will bring a smile to your face – Some hidden role will appear to surprise you The coolest special skills – "Slow Motion", " Turbo boost" ride lead you to the triumph Endless Temple-Run style – Enjoy the changing environment of Wagon Shootout Cant wait to play Wagon Shootout? Download Now to experience the Wild West style and follow Gavin & Albert to a straightforward robber rush !

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