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Would you like to wake up fresh and joyfully every morning? Who wouldn't? Look no further for the ultimate solution! Kooistra Apps' wake-up light app solves this common issue. Wake-up Delight lets your device's screen imitate sunlight, and lets you pick your favourite sounds and songs to wake you up.FEATURES:- Easy to use, and easily configurable;- Pick your own sounds by searching on your device;- Gradually increases the brightness of your screen, imitating sunlight;- Activates the alarm when full brightness is reached, playing your selected sound, starting very softly and increasing in volume over time;- Several pre-existing sounds and music tracks, making this application just as usable without your own music tracks;- Snooze by touching the screen;- Alarm sound preview, previewing the sound including the increase of volume over time;- Highly customizable preferences, including: * Alarm volume * Alarm sound * The time it takes for the screen to turn from black to full brightness * The time it takes for the sound to reach maximum volume * Snooze duration * Enable or disable notifications Android 2.2 or higher:- Installs directly to SD-card.NOTES:- Using task killers (or force close) to exit the app is discouraged; task killers will cause the app's interface to be displayed incorrectly; the alarm may show toggled on while it's really not. In case this happens, retoggle the alarm.- We recommend not using your phone intensively while the alarm is set; simly activate the alarm and lock your phone for the best experience.For any suggestions or problems, please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

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