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Tired of hearing the same alarm sound every morning? With WakeTube you can wake up every morning to a new video from YouTube. Choose a random music video or let your favorite band wake you up. You can also select a specific video as an alarm for the next morning.This is the adFree Version. For the free version see https://market.android.com/details?id=de.omoco.waketubeIf you don’t want to use the random music video alarm enter a keyword and let this alarm wake you up with the current news, a music video, the trailer to the next blockbuster, a funny commercial, a perfect solution for an Angry Birds Level, or a video of cute cats.WakeTube is a simple, minimalistic alarm clock. With over 80,000 downloads for webOS the alarm clock is now available for Android. Here is what HP webOS users say:Rachel T: ***** "This is an amazin idea, now I can wake up 2 my favorite songs every morning :)"Sarhad N: ***** "Genius idea!"Leanne L: ***** "Love this app! Plays different versions of my fav song every day. Great job!"Anonymous: ***** "Thank you for this awesome app. Now I can wake up to Green Day or MCR instead of that god awful annoying iphone alarm sound."Caroline I: ***** "LOVE IT!!! Great way to get up in the morning!!!"Download it now and join the fun! Start every day with a new wonderful song!Make sure that you have a working internet connection and test the video before setting the alarm in wake tube.

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